Millennial Trends / The Multitasking Life

Image: ajleon (Flickr)

The Multitasking Life

Especially among younger adults and teenagers—in other words, Generation Y—multitasking has become an unquestioned way of life. On average, Millennials tend to use three different devices at the same time—with at least two of those devices having screens (e.g., computer, iPad, phone, TV) and at least two of them communications-oriented (e.g., phone, email, Facebook, or other IM). Although questions have been raised regarding the attention spans of multitaskers and the quality of work done while multitasking, the Millennials have embraced multitasking and invariably boast of their abilities to juggle six or more plates at once. And employers are developing new strategies to put their youngest workers’ predilection for multitasking to work for them—giving Gen Y employees multiple assignments or developing special project teams on top of their regular work assignments in order to maintain their workers’ interest.

Millennial Trends